From Iriaebor Onward

The lands of Faerun are rife with dragons, bandits, and monsters of terrible power. The Spellplague and the fusing of the worlds—Toril and Abeir—has abated, magic has returned, and the world has become much of what it once was.

It is now the time of the second Sundering in the year 1489 DR and the gods have been thrown into chaos at the prospect of the reshaping of their pantheon. Their mortal agents in Faerun, the Chosen, have been set to carry out their will.

In the east war rages as the nation of Netheril seeks to conquer the countries of Cormyr, the Dalelands, and Myth Drannor. On the Sword Coast, the Cult of the Dragon is quietly wreaking havoc upon small villages for some unknown purpose, while the Underdark seethes, harboring threats of its own.

As travelers of a 3-wagon caravan travelling from Iriaebor headed for Baldur’s Gate, your main concerns lie with getting a little rest and relaxation at your next stop. No god-chosen warrior is on your tail, and no dragon is trying to eat you…so far.

Heroes of Faerun

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