Heroes of Faerun

Hewnbrew Trading Co.
Episode 0

The Hewnbrew Trading Co., lead by Kurst Hewnbrew, arrived in Iriabor in the early spring to receive fresh shipments of ale and wine to sell in cities along the Trade Way. While in town Hewnbrew found a handful of travelers interested in joining him to the Sword Coast, figuring that safety in numbers would make for an easy trip on the lesser traveled Uldoon Trail.

While readying for travel with the caravan the warlock-merchant, Faust, and his companions Juniper and Jillian, met Atticus, an old barbarian from a tribe in the Sunset Mountain range north of Iriabor. Atticus, having left the solitude of the mountains following the massacre of his tribe and family by a green dragon, explained that he sought to meet up with his extended family who had left the mountains years prior. With a hearty laugh and tall tales to spare, Atticus quickly found companionship among the group.

With a small contingent in tow Hewnbrew set out for the trail, confident that his companions would be more than enough for any bandit parties that might be foolish enough to come upon them.

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