Ontharr Frume

Male Mountain-Dwarf Paladin


Large for a dwarf, fair skinned with a large, braided brown beard and shoulder length hair. He wears plate mail armor with the symbol of of the god, Torm. His left gauntlet is blue—the symbol of the Order of the Gauntlet.

He has a jovial, good-natured demeanor but is quick to sober up when speaking of threats.


Ontharr is a close friend of the Harper, Leosin Erlanthar, and the General-at-Arms for the city of Elturel. He is a high ranking member of the Order of the Gauntlet, as well as a paladin of Torm.

When the party was brought to Elturel by Leosin, Ontharr was the first to welcome and supply them for their journey ahead. Ontharr is not as informed as Leosin, but is quick to offer aid to his friends and allies.

Ontharr Frume

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